Fair Warning

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Jim DiBattista
James DiBattista


written 2/11/79-----We all used to hang out on the street corners in our home town and check out the young girls that would happen by. I wrote this as a big brother giving advice to his younger sisters-stay away from guys like me...


Fair Warning Hey girl whatcha tryin' to do right now? hangin' around with the older crowd when I understand that you ain't allowed it's a big bad world yea you better watch yourself people take inadvertently with no promise of security your mother always told you and your brothers always told you too hey girl can't ya see what I'm trying to do? I've been there you know it's true I've been guilty and I've been fooled you better stay away or the things that they will say about you will make you blue cause nobody wants a bad reputation nobody wants to be remembered that way 'cause what it could lead to is alienation and I don't think you'd wanna end up that way hey girl just a little bit of advice for you you can take it and disacard it's truth or you can take it and guard your youth either way you choose it ya better hope that you don't lose it you don't lose it to ...them bad boys stay away from them bad boys uptown stay away from bad boys uptown stay away from them bad boys bad boys uptown