You Only Live Once

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Jim DiBattista
James DiBattista


written 4/24/88----- This guy picked me up hitchhiking one night wearing a helmet-I asked him "dude why you wearing a helmet?" He went on to explain that someone had thrown a brick through his car window and brained him and he's been wearing one ever since. Oh yea, there was this beer commercial at the time that said "ya gotta grab for all the gusto"-stole that one for this song.


You Only Live Once Ya gotta go for all you can muster ya gotta grab for all the gusto one time we go around before they put you in the ground You Only Live Once You Only Live Once ya gotta take it slow but quick who knows you might get hit by a brick ya gotta give it all you got to give ya gotta win one for the Gip You Only Live Once You Only Live Once ya gotta get while the gittin's good just like a young boy should ya gotta take all you can stand ya gotta take it like a man you only live once uh huh you only live once believe it you only live once