1. Due Share

From the recording Jersey Stories Part 1

written 4/18/79-----A wise man once sang.. "You got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues and you know it don't come easy".

I was 23 and some of this stuff surprises me today-that I was able to think like that being so young. It shows a core value system still in place- 25 years later


Due Share

In the Lord I've got the strength to give
in the songs I sing I can live
black notes crawling from the soul
antidote for looking hard into a story is unknown

The love I take must be returned
because the times I've faked it I have been burned
yea I have paid a price for what I've learned
and what I've earned it's just my own due share

to the Lord I'm just a friend in need
but the faith I've got just might be my saving glory
cause I could never let go
no I could never let go it's just my own due share