From the recording Jersey Stories Part 1

written 4/19/86-----
Used to have to cross the tracks to get to the restaurant that we'd all meet at in the morning before work-and then cross them back the other way after work. I used to love living near the railroad tracks for some reason...theres something about trains...


Walkin' The Tracks

Early in the morning
'fore the sun the comes up
I'm up and dressed and gone
ready to face another day
greet a new world head on
I'm on my way to work on foot
think I'll take a shortcut
so I go I go
Walkin' The Tracks

It's a time for reflection when the red sun rise
I think about the night before
you give me your lovin last me through the day
then I'm on my way back home
work sucks and I'm dragging butt
I grab a beer at the corner pub
then I go I go
Walkin' The Tracks

speeding eye flashing in the dusk of the night
ain't giving no horn sound warning
keep your eyes open for a runaway train
at least until the morning
'cause man you're gonna try your luck
with wary eyes behind me
I truck on I go
Walkin' The Tracks
Walkin' The Tracks
Walkin' The Tracks
Walkin' The Tracks